About Owen Corkin

I am a British published author with a Joint Honours degree in Creative & Professional Writing with Film & Television Studies at the University of Derby.

“Write Owl” is the hub for my written work and a digital archive of my progression as an author interested in creative non-fiction and crime fiction.

As a writer who often looks at the clock to see a glaring ‘3:00’ back at him, the title of Write Owl seems appropriate for the home of my work.

My love of language

A distinct memory of mine is using the family computer to find out “the word of the day” as decided by dictionary.com and finding myself puzzled when met with vocabulary that my nine-year-old self could barely pronounce—let alone incorporate in my writing. Nevertheless, I found myself brute-forcing words like “flabbergasted” and “perpendicular” into every English exercise with varying degrees of success.

My passion for storytelling

While my academic skill is in essay writing and research projects, my true passion lies in storytelling. Throughout my undergraduate degree, I have crafted numerous short stories, a handful of poems and about one third of my first novel. These genres range from westerns to detective mysteries all the way through to my current endeavour in crime writing.

My aims as a writer

I always strive to write engaging, thought-provoking fiction and well-researched, conversation starting non-fiction. I believe that if a story grows tiresome or leaves the reader with nothing as they read the final sentence, it has failed. Likewise, uninformed non-fiction that sparks no desire for further discussion is utterly useless. Understanding this, every project I undertake will revolve around these key values.

Fiction must be consistently engaging and thought-provoking.
Non-Fiction must be informed and written to spark discussion.

My inspirations to write

The piece of fiction that truly rekindled my passion for writing will always be Robert F. Young’s science-fiction turned romance short story, “The Dandelion Girl”. I am the proud owner of a 1966 copy of The Worlds of Robert F. Young as published by The Science Fiction Book Club in collaboration with Victor Gollancz Ltd., #116 in the club’s collection.

Developing my writing style with each day, I am often reading books such as Linda Anderson’s Creative Writing (2006) and Carole Blake’s From Pitch to Publication (1999). In terms of fiction, I thoroughly enjoy the works of H.P. Lovecraft and I am currently engaged in an off-and-on relationship with Osamu Dazai’s No Longer Human (1948).

Fearing I immerse myself in too much doom-and-gloom, my girlfriend also has me experiencing the words of Tolkien for the first time to which I am eternally grateful.

As a film student, my inspirations extend to the screen with my interests spanning across multiple movements, genres and time periods. While I think having “favourite” films never truly reveals my tastes fully, for the sake of this page, I will list a few that have certainly impacted my life and career:

  • Sofia Coppola’s Lost in Translation (2003)
  • Peter Weir’s Dead Poets Society (1989)
  • Danny Boyle’s Trainspotting (1996)
  • Shin’ichirô Ueda’s One Cut of the Dead (2017)
  • Alfred Hitchcock’s Rear Window (1954)

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