What am I currently up to?

My projects at a glance

Writing my first crime novel

Blog & print humanities editor

Building my online portfolio

As is the way in this modern world, a writer can never truly dedicate themselves to one endeavour. My graduation date draws near and while my academic ventures do take up the majority of my time, there are many projects I am either planning for the future or actively taking part in alongside my studies.

Novel writing: Shooting Doomsday

Primarily, I am in the process of writing my first novel under the working title of Shooting Doomsday; a crime novel set among a totalitarian cult where a number of eccentric murders are the artistic vision of a charismatic cult leader. I aim to reach the halfway point of this novel before I graduate with a final deadline of December 2020. Achieving this, I will begin pitching this novel to publishers in early months of 2021.

Humanities Editor at Phantom Media

Working with fellow University of Derby alumni, I am currently the humanities editor for the student-led service “Phantom Media“. This followed a four-month period as a contributing writer on the Phantom blog and successful promotion at the interview stage. We aim to publish an e-paper every month filled with articles written by students, for students.

Our most recent publication is the November edition: “Phantom Goes Green This Halloween“.

Building my online portfolio and presence

With print sales decreasing every year and digital platforms skyrocketing in value, I am always looking for opportunities to work collaboratively online. The image of the reclusive novelist shut away in his study simply doesn’t fit this age of writing. Certainly not for a young writer such as myself anyway; working together is always the way forward.

Maintaining this mindset, I welcome any invitations for collaboration (provided my ever-changing schedule allows) and look these projects to build connections and better the careers of everyone involved.

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