Short Fiction: One of the flock

Image provided by Yogendra Singh at Pexels My second family came to meet me, as they always do, with a cacophony of caws and a downpour of tatted white feathers. They may not be the most polite bunch, nor are they too adept at conversation. Sure, at some point in the day my thick brownContinue reading “Short Fiction: One of the flock”

Short Fiction: Echoes of captive hands

Image provided by Wendelin Jacober through Pexels I didn’t deserve to be rescued, but I had to be selfish one last time. The underground maze proved difficult to navigate for my pursuer in blue. My labyrinth home would be my escape; each turn led me to the next narrow walkway laden with thick steel doorsContinue reading “Short Fiction: Echoes of captive hands”

Short Fiction: Babies Breath

Image provided by Sidnei Maia through Pexels Such a mournful day felt hollow as the sun’s rays shone down on the coffin and her tribute of delicate petals fell on God’s deaf ears. As if pleading to the clouds, “let rain hammer down onto this family in black”, Amelia refused to lower her offering. TheContinue reading “Short Fiction: Babies Breath”